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The Divine Embrace July 2, 2010

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Today, I learnt that when I need a hug, You will not just send an embrace but also an elevation. Thank You for being there for me, God. I love You and I can only bow my head in gratitude.


The Magician’s Promise (Part II) May 10, 2010

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She felt herself sinking into the quicksand. For a split second, she wondered why the stardust had not warned her. Then, she remembered that it was she who had packed it away in a place from where it could not reach her.

As she sunk deeper into the quicksand, myriad thoughts crowded her mind. She felt a sense of panic and a delicious sense of freedom and chilling fear and the thrill of danger and liberation of mind and trapping of soul.

She was neck-deep in the quicksand now. She threw out her hands, searching for her Magician, but all she caught was thin air.

The last thing she saw before her head submerged in the greedy quicksand were the Magician’s eyes. And then, all was black.


Hello, World! April 30, 2010

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I am Chintani Desai, an MBA (Marketing), a freelance content writer and an educator. More on that coming soon…


I just started a blog on another site and then realised it was too basic and didn’t allow me any enhancements at all! Then, a couple of fellow bloggers recommended wordpress to me, so here I am.

I have transferred the entries from the old blog here.

So, why a blog at all? Mainly, to exercise my writing skills.



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Hope you enjoy the read.




My Father’s Eyes

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Dear Dad,

You tried to hide it. You laughed and turned to your dinner plate. But I heard the slight quiver in your voice. And I saw those two precious teardrops slipping out of your eyes.

I saw because I look up to those eyes. Dad, they are so filled with wisdom… about everything – the world, business… and me. I have seen them light up with excitement when I achieve and run home to share the news. I have seen them, exasperated, when I am stubborn and just don’t see the point, flinch in pain when you have punished me and quietly cry just after you slam the door and stalk off to your room after a big argument. I have seen them dance when you tease me and also shine with pride when I am at the dais and you are in the audience.

But, today, I saw saw something different in them. We were at the wedding reception of your friend’s daughter. The festivities were in full swing – cousins laughing, elders looking anxious, parents and in-laws exchanging niceties, shimmery clothes, flashy jewellery, fancy food… And in the midst of it all, you caught sight of Uncle just gazing at his beloved daughter, who he was going to bid goodbye to. And you thought of me – your little princess. And you, Dad, with your iron will, nerves of steel and heart of gold, gently melted into tears.

I saw you, Dad, and I welled up too. Because, Dad, while you thought of me, I thought of you. And I want to thank you for every little thing. For being ‘my Daddy bestest’ when I was little, a protector in my teenage and a guide in my adulthood. You have given me every comfort and spoiled me silly. You have cushioned me from every blow, corrected me when I lost my head and most of all, listened – a lot and, always, patiently. And though I don’t often say it, I stand strong because you are there to catch me when I fall.

Thank you, Daddy. With lots of love…



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I was wandering alone
Looking for love in places it couldn’t be found
You filled my heart with so much of it
That it burst and overflows
Sometimes in the form of tears
Sometimes as a cry of gratitude
Sometimes as a silent smile
And soon it will fill my whole being
And the whole world will be my own
But I have no use of this world
If you’re not the center of it
Because it is you that has made my life worthwhile
I was smart but idle
Could do so much but didn’t find the need to
You gave me that needed push
It was just a loving touch
Oh, so Divine and Radiant!
But I was exposed
And all that I had
Now struggles to be used
To please just you
Use me, mould me, dissolve me
Make me yours alone
And make yourself mine
To love and adorn and cherish and please
I want to sing for you
From the very depths of my heart
I want to perform for you
And see you proud
I want to work for you
And inspire
When people see me
I want them to see you
And your glory
That transformed me into yours
Right now, I want to cry for you
So that you’ll come
I don’t care what my destiny is
And with whom
I’m fated to spend my life
As long as my choice remains only you
As long as the world doesn’t come in our way
Except to support and help me in pleasing you
I cannot be happy
But you know how silly I am
How distracted and impulsive
I don’t think, don’t resist when I should
Of course that will change
But you must do it before it’s too late
I don’t want to let you down
Or compromise
I’m scared and not so confident
But my wish is true
You are what I really want
Sometimes, when I let you take a backseat,
It may not seem that way
But you know,don’t you?
“You are the only one who can make me happy”
And all of us know that
And of course I want to be happy, if nothing else
Is there a way to hurry up and make this process faster
I won’t give up hope or stop waiting
But I’m impatient to make you happy
And I don’t wanna give myself time to get discouraged and re-start
I want to run
Until I burst into your smile
And sparkle in your eyes
And make you look your most gorgeous.