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For Water that Heals Burns July 6, 2010

Filed under: Poem — chintanidesai @ 4:39 pm

This poem is dedicated to a burnt family I know. Although I doubt that you will ever experience love, I just want you to know that I feel for you and wish you, at the minimum, non-bitterness. May His love be enough to fill your empty cup.


Today, when I was dragged into the gas chamber of your anger

When flames shot out of your being and licked at mine

When your hurt tried to inflict wounds on me

I remembered the days I had burnt him

Today, I was healthy in mind, so I did not feel pain

I only tried to calm you and urged you to pray

I tried to reason, knowing it would not work,

But still using it as an expression of my peace towards you

I said your name over and over in an effort to soothe you

I tried to remember and re-create how quiet and patient he had been

From my space of tranquility, I sent waves to you

I still hope against hope that my words and feelings and responses

Have acted as balm, at least in part (although knowing us, I doubt it)

But today, I bow my head to him, asking for forgiveness

For the times I have done the same, especially when

Those times have destroyed his mind and cracked his love

And I fervently, selfishly pray to God

First, that I never do it again

Second, that I can touch the right button

That sends a gush of water to put out these flames

And third, that both you and I find peace



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