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Freakin’ Blessed + Washed-out Crimson July 1, 2010

Filed under: Poem — chintanidesai @ 11:12 pm

If I sat to count the blessings in my life

And the sheer greatness of the people around me

I would want to dig a hole and bury myself


Every time I meet someone new

I wonder why I cannot be with you

Have you ever ‘heard’ a heart melt

Writhe and twist, crumble, wonder?

Take a look at mine,

It is all shades of washed-out crimson

The sigh that catches in my throat

And cannot come out – it’s not allowed to


One Response to “Freakin’ Blessed + Washed-out Crimson”

  1. raneabhishek Says:

    The end isnt good. try and rework it my friend… and hey have stopped using the convonix account consequently… off ur gtalk list… keep in touch..

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