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Plea of an Avid Dieter ;P June 2, 2010

Filed under: Poem — chintanidesai @ 5:14 pm

Saari umra hum mar-mar ke jee liye

Ek pal toh ab humein jeene do, jeene do

Give me some pizza, give me some chips

Give me a chance to indulge in some dips

Give me some caffeine, sweets and treats galore

Fried & salty foods I’ve never dared to try before


Give me some will power, a handful of restraint

Love for sweat & exercise and repeatedly refrain


LOL. Extensions welcome.


4 Responses to “Plea of an Avid Dieter ;P”

  1. Prakruti Says:

    hahahahhahaha… ur too good with random rhyming

  2. slpmartin Says:

    Oh how familar are those pleas….such a joy to read.

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