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The Magician’s Promise (Part IV) June 1, 2010

Filed under: Short Story — chintanidesai @ 10:07 pm

The days melted into months, but Erusaelp did not cease to fascinate her. She had opened her eyes to a whole new world, and it was exciting, mesmerising.

With the prince as her escort, she explored the grandeur of Erusaelp. They visited bejewelled castles with sky-high turrets, ate sumptuous feasts of a variety she had never tasted before, held each other while they laughed at the court jester’s antics and watched the sun rise from the jagged peaks of the faraway mountains…

Her favourite activity, however, was to sit by the prince’s side and gaze as the sun set into the sea. At these times, he would tell her all about Erusaelp and its myriad delights. It was a center of great knowledge, she learnt. He had come there to ‘fill his cup’ as he liked to say, away from the luxuries of his father’s palace in another part of their empire. The people of Erusaelp held great affection for him, and he treated them with kindness and patience. Someday, he wanted to become able enough to take the role of the Emperor.

She would tell him about her family, her home and her friends. Often, she started to tell him about the Magician, but that was something he was unable to understand, and then she would stop and change the subject.

She enjoyed his company very much, and they never ran out of things to converse about. She was drawn to him like a magnet. Amidst the raptures of Erusaelp, the new-found laughter and the never-before feelings that fluttered in her heart, she did not find the need to talk about the Magician at length.


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