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The Magician’s Promise (Part II) May 10, 2010

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She felt herself sinking into the quicksand. For a split second, she wondered why the stardust had not warned her. Then, she remembered that it was she who had packed it away in a place from where it could not reach her.

As she sunk deeper into the quicksand, myriad thoughts crowded her mind. She felt a sense of panic and a delicious sense of freedom and chilling fear and the thrill of danger and liberation of mind and trapping of soul.

She was neck-deep in the quicksand now. She threw out her hands, searching for her Magician, but all she caught was thin air.

The last thing she saw before her head submerged in the greedy quicksand were the Magician’s eyes. And then, all was black.


3 Responses to “The Magician’s Promise (Part II)”

  1. Prakruti Says:

    this is interesting… hoping to

    btw i like blogspot more… im loyal to google u see 😛

  2. raneabhishek Says:

    Dark! Disturbingly so! More… we demand!

  3. @ abhishek: she sank in the quicksand… what more do u want? ;P
    @ prak: thatz y i paste on both 😛

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